About the Race

How did it start

Realsail team was a big fan of the Golden Globe Race and they dreamed to building a game to follow the same spirit as the race. Don gave us many ideas of what sailing around the world without GPS is about and we built the game from that. We have added Celestial Navigation and the skipper will only see what is 50nm around. He will have a chart to draw the points gathered from the Celestial Calculations to plan his route.

Races Plan

The main goal is to have the game ready for the official Golden Globe Race 2022 starting on September 4th 2022.
Meanwhile, we have built different races to prepare the competition:

  • Trial Race: Starting on August 10th and sailing from Lanzarote to Antigua
  • Virtual GGR 2021 - Stage 1: Starting on September 12th and sailing from Les Sables d'Olonne to Lanzarote
  • Virtual GGR 2021 - Stage 2: Sailing from Lanzarote to Cape Town
  • Virtual GGR 2021 - Stage 3: Sailing from Cape Town to Hobart
  • Virtual GGR 2021 - Stage 4: Sailing from Hobart to Punta del Este
  • Virtual GGR 2021 - Stage 5: Sailing from Punta del Este to Les Sables d'Olonne

Chichester Class

The skippers who would like to sail with GPS can sail the Chichester Class Race with all standard features (Waypoints, Autosails, Routing tools,...)

Ranking and Podium

In the official Golden Globe Race 2022, the virtual winner will be in the Podium with the real winners

In the Virtual Golden Globe Race 2021, we will build a classification with all the stages and there will be trophies for the winners


The winner of VGGR 2022 will get Model Of JOSHUA and GGR GLOBE, same as winner of real GGR.

The winner of VGGR 2021 will get limited edition GGR 2018 Gold coins and GGR GLOBE.

New features before the official race

During 2021, we will gather feedback from the communnity so as to add new features. We are planning sleeping requirements for the skipper and weekly incidents in the boat to having fixed by the skipper. Also, we will add boat damage in case the skippers crosses a big storm!

The Game

Real Meteo

Real Meteo downloaded and updated from NOAA every 6 hours and interpolated to any point in the Globe

Satellite Cartography

Real cartography with accurate shoreline and exclusion zones to simulate all the requirements of the real race

Celestial Navigation

Use of the Stellarium plugin to find the boat position using the map of stars

Real Steering

Multiple tools to steer your boat (wind vane steering, real sail polars, wind forecast,...)

Realtime Ranking

The race ranking is calculated from the Distance to Finish every minute

Realtime Chat

Discord based chat where the skippers share there ideas and experiences with the community and have direct access to the game developers

Our Team

Pablo IbaƱez

Realsail Founder

Don McIntyre

Golden Globe Race Founder

Compete with skippers from all around the world

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Contact us

Email: info@realsail.net
Web: www.realsail.net