The Game

Real Meteo

High resolution meteo downloaded and updated from NOAA every 6 hours and interpolated to any point in the Globe

Satellite Cartography

Real cartography with accurate shoreline and exclusion zones to simulate all the requirements of the real race

Celestial Navigation

Use of the Stellarium plugin to find the boat position using the map of stars

Real Steering

Steer your boat selecting the sail and using the windvane

Realtime Ranking

The race ranking is calculated from the Distance to Finish every minute

Realtime Chat

Discord based chat where the skippers share there ideas and experiences with the community and have direct access to the game developers


Crazy Canucks Canada

The 1 minute update gives it a more real time feel.


Boxing Kangaroos

The team at RealSail provide best-in-class developer support that answers questions / resolves issues quickly. Glad to be part of the beta programme.

Avontuur NVRZG

Netherlands NVRZG

Races organized by communities give a wide varity of races in exciting locations. The Discord community is a nice way to contact orher players and exchange experiences.

Volador LDLN / Miquel

LDLN Spain

Realsail is more than a sailing game. If you want to win, it requires technical expertise to define a good strategy which is really valueable for me.

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