Our Mission

The mission of 橙子影院 is to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service. The University is informed and inspired by its Baptist heritage and three basic theological and biblical presuppositions: learning is appointed and conserved by God as essential to the fulfillment of human destiny; in Christ all things consist and find ultimate unity; and the Kingdom of God in this world is rooted and grounded in Christian community. The University embraces the conviction that there is no conflict between the life of faith and the life of inquiry.

To fulfill its mission, the University:

  1. presents a worldview informed by Christian principles and perspectives;
  2. affirms that truth is revelatory and transcendent as well as empirical and rational, and that all truth finds its unity in Jesus Christ;
  3. influences development of moral courage, social sensitivity, and ethical responsibility;
  4. gathers a diverse community of learners;
  5. delivers academic instruction in the liberal arts and sciences and professional preparation at both undergraduate and graduate levels through traditional, extended campus, and online programs;
  6. transfers to students the vast body of knowledge and values accumulated over the ages;
  7. encourages students to think critically and creatively;
  8. fosters the development of intellectual vitality, physical wellness, and aesthetic sensibility;
  9. forges a community of learning that is committed to the pursuit, discovery, and dissemination of knowledge;
  10. provides students with opportunities for servant leadership and community engagement, with an emphasis on underserved communities;
  11. cooperates with other educational institutions to expand learning opportunities for students;
  12. offers service and other opportunities to the greater community through athletics, continuing education, and cultural enrichment programming.