Diversity in Community

spiritual life and the campus community

Diversity in Community

Encouraging our diverse learning community to develop traits of
moral courage, social sensitivity, and ethical responsibility

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We believe all people are created in the image of God and are to be valued, cherished, and treated with dignity.听We value the invitation and responsibility to bear witness to each other鈥檚 life stories with an awareness that our diverse perspectives and backgrounds matter.

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Our mission

To live out our mission, Campbell provides opportunities for all members of our diverse learning community to develop these traits.

Moral courage
Social sensitivity
Ethical responsibility

Our goals


Encourage and facilitate unity and acceptance among the diverse student population


Raise the level of racial awareness and serve as a resource for University officials or issues relating to diversity


Plan and coordinate special activities that promote campus unity and celebrate ethnic diversity

Leading Courageous Conversations

A courageous conversation is being willing to sit with another person in order to listen generously, speak truthfully, and be willing to learn from the person sitting with you.

How we approach one another in conversation matters. The posture of a courageous conversation invites humility, grace and respect.听We hope to create space that is hospitable and promotes a sense of welcome as we seek to engage in constructive, careful and meaningful conversation.听

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Support & Resources

Disability Services

Students are entitled to receive approved modifications, appropriate academic adjustments, or auxiliary aids that enable them to participate in and benefit from all educational programs and activities, including housing.

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Title IX

The University will respond to complaints or reports about prohibited conduct with measures designed to stop the behavior, eliminate any such discrimination, prevent the recurrence of the prohibited conduct, and remediate any adverse effects of such conduct on campus or in University-related programs or activities

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Upcoming Events

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