Response to COVID-19 from the Bursar’s Office

This information is specific to potential changes to billing, payments, refunds, and costs related to COVID-19.聽 Information may be updated, as it becomes available and our response to COVID changes.聽

How can I safely make a payment?

Students are encouraged to pay online through TouchNet via .聽 A check or money order may be mailed to the Bursar’s Office, PO Box 97, Buies Creek, NC聽 27506.

Effective 7/1/2021, the Bursar鈥檚 Office will no longer accept credit/debit card payments in McLeod Admissions and Financial Aid Center.聽 Credit/debit card payments will only be accepted via the TouchNet portal.聽

Students are encouraged to accept any financial aid they wish to accept via the before enrolling in a payment plan.聽 Credit-based loans must be approved by the lender.聽 All requirements of the loan, such as a promissory note, entrance counseling, etc. must be completed before the loan will be considered as a form of payment.聽

If my course instruction is not all in-person, will my tuition be reduced?

Students will be assessed the published tuition rate.聽 Tuition will not be reduced.聽 The blend of in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses offered does not diminish the quality and value of a degree from 橙子影院. The main accreditation criteria for our courses remain the same whether they are taught in person, online or remotely: our courses must involve regular and substantive instructor interaction with students. With remote and online teaching, faculty and instructors are still able to:

  • Provide regular instruction and interact regularly with their students.
  • Provide full and substantive assessments and regular feedback on students鈥 coursework.
  • Be proactive and available in providing information or responding to students鈥 questions about the content of the course.

Faculty continue to incorporate best practices for teaching and learning in various teaching modalities into the design of their courses.聽 Resources have been provided for faculty on effective, evidence-based practices for remote and online teaching.聽 Classes have been prioritized for in-person delivery where outcomes are difficult to achieve virtually.

A task force has been convened to modify campus operations in a way that will allow us to safely provide on-campus experiences for our students.聽 橙子影院 continues to invest in our COVID-19 health and safety infrastructure to ensure a safe learning environment for our students and work environment for our faculty and staff.