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Student Success Office Hours for Summer 2021 are Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm.听

For questions, please email studentsuccessga@campbell.edu or call our front desk at 910-814-5434.听

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services, including Tutors, Writing Coaches, Supplemental Instruction and Group Review will be provided online or in person.听 听We are confident that our department will continue to offer you quality service and resources during this period of remote support. All Peer Academic Support Leaders are trained on using this resource and looking forward to supporting your academic success.

With our transition to online services, if your course has a Group Review and/or Supplemental Instruction component please remember to keep your SI Leader and/or Group Review Leader updated, via e-mail or another resource, on course/content information.听

Tutoring and Writing Center appointments can be scheduled on CU Succeed via Blackboard.听

Career Services will be moving to virtual services effective immediately until campus returns to normal operating conditions on April 6, 2020. Students and alumni may schedule WebEx(video), phone, and email appointments for the following services:

  • Major and career exploration
  • Resume, cover letter, and curriculum vitae (CV) review听
  • Graduate school preparation including personal statement reviews
  • Major and career assessments
  • Individual career advising
  • Job/Internship search strategies听听including CUHired assistance
  • Mock Interviews
  • Personal Branding & Networking Assistance

To schedule an appointment with career services, students should click the link below or email careerga@campbell.edu.

Students are also encouraged to utilize the online resources available 24/7 through Career Services including:

  • Career Services website – /students/student-success/career-services/
    • Offers a variety of career development resources.
  • CUHired –
    • Our premier job search and career development tool.
  • What Can I do With This Major –
    • Whether exploring majors or searching for information about a chosen field, this website will help students connect majors to careers.

Please note that select Career Services programs may have been temporarily postponed, moved online, or canceled. Please stay updated by visiting the updated Career Services Event Calendar webpage for more information.

Disability Services

Students with accommodations are being sent an electronic copy of their accommodation letters. We are asking that they email you this electronic copy and update you on their accommodation needs in the remote course format.

You should be contacted by all of your students who have accommodations about one of three possible options:

  1. If they need ALL the same accommodations, they will email you to ask how these accommodations will be provided in the remote setting.
  2. If they only need SOME of their current accommodations, they will email you and let you know which accommodations they will continue to need in the remote format, and ask how those will be provided.
  3. If they need to add NEW accommodations, they are asked to contact us. We will issue a new letter if this is needed.听

Here are some possible questions you may receive:

Q.听 How will my extended time be provided?

A.听 Blackboard allows the test time to be set for each student using Test Availability Options. Other software should have options available – search for 鈥渁ccommodations鈥 and 鈥渄isability鈥 in the help menus.听If听you are using test time to limit use of course materials on the test, please know that students who are approved for extended test time must still be provided with that extension accommodation.

Q听 What about a separate setting for tests?

A.听 Students in the remote environment can use any setting they want, so this accommodation should not generally be needed. If a student has a concern about this, refer them to us.听

Q.听 What about note-taking?

A.听 If you are posting recorded lectures, your student may still need notes. We have reached out to all students who receive notes to find out if this service is still needed. If so, Disability Services will continue to use the same note takers and provide notes as usual. You will not need to take additional steps.听

Q.听 What about captioning?

A.听 If you are posting videos, you may have students who need captions. It鈥檚 always best practice to use videos with captions if available.听If you get this request and don鈥檛 know how to provide the captions, please contact Disability Services for support.

Q.听 What about students who have trouble with screens?

A.听 Students may have migraines, visual impairments or other health issues that are complicated by longer screen time requirements. If students share this with you, kindly refer them to Disability Services for support.听

Q.听 What about extensions of deadlines for discussion boards, written assignments or projects?

A.听 Some students with specific learning disabilities or other impairments may struggle with short deadlines. If you receive this request and are uncomfortable providing extensions, please refer the student to Disability Services and we will work with both of you to find a solution.

Q.听 What about attendance accommodations?

R. If you have students who ask about their attendance accommodations, please ask them to contact Disability Services for assistance.听

If you need assistance, please don鈥檛 hesitate to contact Disability Services – richl@campbell.edu听辞谤 cstanley@campbell.edu.听Many questions are answered through the transition resources provided by IT, but we will be happy to assist if you have specific concerns.

During this period access to our services can be obtained during regular business hours via email. We will also schedule phone calls via email. We greatly appreciate your partnership and graceful response as we work through this transition together!

First-Year Experience

Here are a few considerations:

  • If you are planning to meet virtually, please be mindful of students who may not have dependable internet access and provide them with resources or alternative options.
  • If you are assigning additional work in replace of class, please be cognizant of how many hours your class meets per week, and assign work that can be completed in a similar time frame.
  • Make sure that you are still available to your students. Hold virtual office hours and try to be extra vigilant in returning emails.
  • Share additional resources that will help in student learning. Ideally, try to create these resources for your class specifically, but if you are unable to do so in the time frame given, consider looking for available resources that already exist that you can share with your students.

Early Alert

If you are a faculty member that has a concern regarding a student鈥檚 academic success, please complete a Progress Survey or raise an individual flag in CU Succeed. Academic concerns may include but are not limited to the following: class attendance, wellness, missing assignments, and academic performance.听

More about Alerts Contact Us

Don’t Cancel That Class

Do you need a Guest Lecturer for your class or program?

If you鈥檙e a 橙子影院 faculty, staff member, or student leader,听顿辞苍鈥檛听Cancel That Class听is a service provided to you by the departments within Student Success and Counseling Services. 听If you need to be out of town or an unexpected situation demands your attention, let us know, and one of our professional or paraprofessional staff members will come into your class on the day of your absence and provide an hour-long, educational workshop to your students.听

Learn more and schedule a Workshop

Academic Coaching in the Classroom

Academic coaching focuses on skills that are essential to student success. By providing first-year students with a foundation of strong study habits and skills, academic coaches equip them for success throughout their college careers. In an effort to reach a greater number of students, the FYE office offers academic coaching in 100-level courses and courses that enroll a high number of first-year students.

Instructors who are interested in having an academic coach in the Classroom presentation in their course should complete this request form. You will receive a confirmation of your presentation date within two business days of your request.

Ask us about Academic Coaching

Faculty Guides to Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Disability Services is here to support our faculty and staff as we work to create an accessible campus community. We provide resources to answer most questions, and our staff is always available for further answers and collaboration.

View faculty guides

Interested in Teaching?

橙子影院 Freshman Seminar is taught by faculty and staff at 橙子影院 who are committed to helping students achieve their greatest potential.

Instructors should:

  • Have a master鈥檚 degree or higher
  • Participate in the annual instructor preparation workshop held in May
  • Be actively involved in faculty development opportunities provided by the Office of the First-Year Experience
  • Have the approval of the instructor鈥檚 department dean or supervisor
  • Have the approval of the Director of the First-Year Experience