Payment Plans

Payment plans are available in the fall and spring to divide any balance not paid by financial aid or a third party into equal monthly payments.聽 Students and/or authorized users may choose to pay in full at the beginning of each semester OR enroll in a monthly payment plan offered by 橙子影院 through TouchNet.

  • A payment plan MUST be established each semester for any balance not covered by estimated financial aid or paid in full by the first day of class (excluding summer terms).
  • If a TouchNet payment plan has not been established for balances by September 15/February 15 respectively, a fee of $50 may be assessed and a hold placed on the student account.
  • Payments are considered late 5 days after the monthly due date.聽 TouchNet will automatically bill a $25 late fee to the student account.
  • A $25 returned check fee will be billed to the student account if payments are returned by the payor’s financial institution due to insufficient funds.
  • Payment plan installments will automatically adjust if the charges or credits on a student鈥檚 account change after the plan is established.
  • Card payments are processed through PayPath via TouchNet.聽 Transaction fees apply.
  • Payment plans聽do not聽include fines/fees account balances or balances from previous semesters.聽 These balances must be paid separately.


Students will log into their self-service portal and go to the TouchNet Payment Center to set up a payment plan each semester.聽 To grant a parent/guardian access to be able to view the student account or set up a payment plan, students must first add them as an authorized user.聽聽

Parents/guardians must first be added by the student as an authorized user in order to access TouchNet and set up a payment plan.

Plan Set up Fee

5 installments – Due on the 5th of each month

  • Fall: July – November
  • Spring: December – April
4 Installments – Due on the 5th of each month

  • Fall:聽 August – November
  • Spring: January – April

2 Installments聽

  • Fall: 1/2 by August 5 – Remaining balance by September 30
  • Spring: 1/2 by January 5 – Remaining balance by February 28