Refund Information

A refund is issued:

  • When a student has a credit balance after assessment of tuition, fees, and other charges
  • Typically within 14 days of the date the credit balance is created

What can delay a refund?

  • Additional charges
  • Incorrect bank information
  • Incorrect mailing address
  • Bank processing times
  • 橙子影院 closures
  • Inclement weather
  • to receive an electronic refund direct-deposited into a designated bank account
  • Enrollment authorizes the release of 100% of the credit balance and partial refunds are not available
  • Follow these steps for enrollment
  • Once an eRefund is released, please allow 3 business days for funds to post to your bank account

Federal regulations require 橙子影院 to adhere to the following:

  • Credit balances created by the Parent PLUS Loan will be refunded to the borrower
  • E-refunding is not available to Parent PLUS Loan borrowers
  • Refunds will be released in the form of a paper check and mailed to the home address used on the Loan Application

University offices are prohibited from issuing a payment refund in cash, i.e. currency or coin. Payment refund requests must be remitted to the Bursar’s Office in writing by the originating party.

Banking regulation and card brand requirements prohibit the refund of student credit balances to the student, if the credit results from a payment card transaction. Such transaction could be interpreted by the bank or card brand as a cash advance; therefore, the credit balance will be refunded to the originating payment card, no exceptions.

Personal Check:聽Funds from personal checks are held for 10 days before a refund can be issued.

Payment Card:聽Refunds from a payment card will be issued directly to the payment card. Allow 5 鈥 7 business days for the credit to be applied to the payment card. Processing time varies among financial institutions.

Domestic Wire Transfers:聽Refunds from a domestic wire transfer will be refunded to the student.

International Wire Transfers:聽Refunds from an international wire transfer less than $10,000 will be refunded to the student. Refunds from an international wire transfer $10,000 or more require distribution to the issuing bank. The Bursar’s Office will attempt to contact the student prior to refunding an international wire transfer.

Outside Scholarships:聽Refunds from outside scholarships will be issued to the donor, if a student fails to meet eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

Return Items:

  • Paper or electronic checks received by 橙子影院, as a deposit or payment on a student account, or as a payment for other goods or services, and dishonored by the payer鈥檚 financial institution will result in a $25.00 鈥淩eturn Fee鈥 assessment. If deposit or payment on a student account is dishonored, the original receipt will be reversed which may result in a student account balance and an AR Hold.
  • Two dishonored checks will suspend check-writing privileges.
  • Two attempts will be made to collect the funds for the dishonored item, along with the return fee. Items uncollected after 20 days will be subject to collection activity and/or legal action.
  • Partial payments will not be accepted for a dishonored item and returned fee. Payment must be made in the form of cash, certified funds, or payment card.

橙子影院 is committed to compliance with the Higher Education Act and its subsequent modifications; federal regulations regarding the return to Title IV (R2T4); return of unearned tuition assistance benefits; and the requirement to disclose consumer information concerning student tuition refunds. All tuition refunds must comply with oversight regulation.

A course change or university withdrawal should only be considered after a careful and thorough evaluation of the academic, financial, and personal impacts arising from such an action. Prior to completing a course change or university withdrawal, a student should discuss options with their academic advisor. A course change or university withdrawal may effect financial aid eligibility and prompt a recalculation of financial aid; therefore, students are also encouraged to discuss the financial impact of the change with the Financial Aid Office and the Bursar’s Office. Student account balances resulting from a course change or university withdrawal are due immediately and subject to the university collections process.

To be eligible for a tuition refund for a course change or university withdrawal, the student must complete the course change or university withdrawal process established by their respective program. Students receiving tuition assistance must report a course change or university withdrawal to their assigned 橙子影院 Veteran鈥檚 Affairs Office/Representative or assigned Sponsor Billing Representative within 24 hours of the change or withdrawal. International students must notify the International Admissions Office prior to a course change or withdrawing from the university.

The Bursar’s Office is committed to the timely processing of tuition refunds. Students requesting a course change or university withdrawal will not always be entitled to a tuition refund. Tuition refunds are calculated in accordance with tuition refund schedules聽and based on the effective date of the course status change.

Review Student Refund Policy See tuition refund schedules


Tuition Refund Appeals Process

The University will evaluate tuition refund appeals initiated by special circumstance withdrawals on a case-by-case basis. The appeal must follow withdrawal policy protocol. Request for special circumstance tuition refund appeals are accepted for medical and military-related withdrawals. Special circumstance tuition refund appeals must include a written request from the student and supporting documentation. Medical-related requests must include an official letter from a medical doctor. Military related requests must include a copy of military orders. Special circumstance tuition refund appeals must be recommended by the Dean and submitted to the Bursar’s Office for final approval. Final approval for tuition refund appeals are subject to review by the Financial Aid Office and the Bursar’s Office. Approved tuition refund appeals must comply fully with financial aid, tuition assistance, and other oversight regulation.

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